Thursday, June 28, 2007

Blithe Spirit Homestay & respite care

The family and I went to a wedding in Gippsland the weekend before the current downpour that has done so much flooding and wind damage. We stayed in Port Albert, just near the water in a lovely homestay called Blithe Spirit.

I love getting away every so often so will be blogging on places we've stayed at or will stay on our next trip to Far North Queensland, primarily for birding from my perspective.

A link to some info is found here. This was one of the first homestay style B&Bs we stayed at. The downstairs was well appointed with TV & DVD and pool table in a spacious family room, a good kitchen, 2 bedrooms, a big shower and a bath. Well heated for the time of year (June). Breakfast was excellent and Wynne and Carol were very friendly, a couple in their 60s I'd say.

The guest book was full of nice comments, with many from Germans (the great travellers). For birds, I saw a couple of different sorts of honeyeaters in the garden, willie wagtail, as well as magpies, ibises and silver gulls near by, so not a huge birding haven (largely in cleared/farming area).

For a trip to west/south Gippsland with some comfort and not too far from Wilson's Promontary, it was a pretty nice weekend.

I should also note they cater for respite care, with beds & chairs that tilt electronically, railings where needed (e.g. shower & bath).

It was $290 Aus for 2 adults and a child for 2 nights. Well worth a look

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