Tuesday, June 19, 2007

This does not compute!

The Age today carries one of those pieces that requires a little bit of a double take. A Korean couple were recently married with a robot one of them had helped design acting as the MC! See article here. Well, Star Wars has arrived, and a techno couple had C3PO to MC them.

Technology is becoming more pervasive in all aspects of life (hands up who doesn't own a mobile, organiser/PDA, crackberry, IPOD, etc...). I start to wonder, if not worry, when we replace humans qua humans with technology. Now it is one thing to replace humans doing the dirty and the dangerous with a machine, but something as personal as a wedding? True, the MC at my wedding harldy did a stellar job (how own admission), but a machine? Last September, Korean government officials unveiled a high-tech, machine gun-toting sentry robot that could support troops along the heavily fortified border with North Korea. Hmm, this does not compute. Are they any more or any less likely to blow a fuse and go crazy (Full Metal Jacket indeed!)

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