Thursday, November 15, 2007

Staying in Perth

Just a quick line for anyone ever headed over to Perth, Western Australia. I only had two days and didn't get to see much, being there for work. Perth is a nice little city, though the poo brown stain from a lot of industry is obvious when flying in. This place in Spring/Summer is nice when the heat trough, a trough of low pressure extending from a so-called heat low (a low forming over the Pilbara due to very strong heating over the desert) is over the sea, so that the sea breeze comes in (forgive the meteorologist).

I stayed at a place known as North Lodge Accommodation - a kind of backpackers, but quiet. It was quite clean, though the TV didn't get reception. Other than that a good stay. Northbridge is a good place to eat - check out Chinatown on William Street and restaurants along Beaufort Street (the street North Lodge is on). In Perth itself there are not too many options.

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