Sunday, February 17, 2008

My favorite atheist

I am currently sat down watching Cosmos on DVD. Carl Sagan is my favorite atheist. His wonder at the material universe borders on religious rapture. The universe is a wondrous place, ultimately defying his attempt to evacuate God from it (although I have heard it said that the beginning line about the universe being all there was and all there ever would be, was not his.

He also was keen to see superstition and ant-scientific attitudes to disappear. Part of being a Fellow of ISCAST is to pursue this in line with a Christian world view. After all, if God is creator then he is neither superstition nor magic but shapes the universe such that our connection with the universe is both our understanding of it and our relationship to its creator.

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Ariane said...

God not being superstitious doesn't strictly rule out superstition does it? Presumably God doesn't need to be superstitious to create a universe in which bad things happen to people who walk under ladders. Or even only to people who believe that bad things will happen when they walk under ladders...