Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Moodle Moot 2011 Keynote Martin Dougiamis

  • Many people want an LMS to reinforce traditional roles and teaching, usual resource, resource... quiz. Many staff and students wants this.
  • But and LMS can also build a community of practitioners, everyone is teacher and learner, continual assessment, etc. Constructivists
  • What about Personal Learning Environments? Are LMSs dead?
  • Still need deep, flexible systems, Unis not about to go away.
  • Two roadmaps to keep conservative and progressive agendas - security, usabillity, assessment, tracking vs. communication based pedagogies, drag n drop UI, community developed modules, media handling, innovative workflows, integration with everything
  • Moodle 2 - security, performance, media management, integrations, usability and appearance, new features
  • regular release dates now set - not feature based but date based
  • Quiz in 2.1 - drag n drop matching. Possible to write more plugins due to changes under the hood. Certainty based marking - students bet on their answers. Marks for right answer and certainty - this looks excellent for decision making issues like weather forecasting.
  • Coming - downloading all of the course content, assignment grading, attendance taking...
  • 2.2 - gradings and rubrics, assignment, paged course formats, IMS LTI, files/repository interfaces
  • Community hubs - connecting Moodles together - mooch. It is a plugin so anyone can set up a hub!
  • to be refreshed, big 6-8 month process to redev Changes already with Moodle docs

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