Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Moodle Moot 2011 Keynote Mary Cooch

Mary talked about training teachers in the use of Moodle and breaking down barriers where there was reticence or resistance. Showed nice examples about how to introduce the LMS at an early age by using it as a portal to kid friendly resources like games etc.

Tips on how to teach Moodle

2 mins - Moodle moments over coffee, etc. Short tips, sharing latest projects etc
10 mins - speed dating like activity??
1 hr - a simple program for first timers
  • create a weblink
  • webpage (1.9) /page (2) creation
  • online text assignment
  • forum
The 4 Cs of a cool course

Captivate - nice appearance
Create - allow students to create content
Collaborate - group projects
Chocolate - bribery

Greater than 1 hr - start with something they can view as a student and then get to try to create for selves

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