Sunday, July 17, 2011

Workshop module in Moodle 2.0

Re-written from 1.9 to be less frustrating. Set up so that:
  • allows for Peer assessment
  • self assessment
  • rubric marking
Peer assessment can be allocated randomly or manually - neat feature. Students get assessed on how well they do on a piece but also on how well they assess the work of others based upon how close the mark they assign is to the mean for each component of the marking. The comparison can be set at a number of levels for how your assessor marks are calculated when you vary from the mean mark. Can also grade anonymously with double blind reviewing.

Nice application of this is submitting some comments on own contribution to a group assessment - peers can assess how much student actually contributed to the project.

Neat workflow view of each phase of the workshop assessment! Can roll back to any stage if for example decide that the assessment criteria don't work, etc...

In setting up a workshop can add exemplars for students to see examples of how the assessment task could be done.

Workshop was based around writing a Haiku about the Harbour Bridge. For the record here's mine:

Sydney's coat hangar
Architectural icon
It's just a bridge guys!

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