Tuesday, December 06, 2011


Now this is confusing stuff - how do changes in learning end up changing how we measure learning, i.e. analytics? Cloud (that word again), personalised learning, student centred learning, online learning, etc. See Shift Happens for these changes here.

Use of simple statistics to measure activity and usage of LMS etc don't do a great deal. Do questionaires do it? 7 dimensions of learning power is one such tool here, and here.

Effective Life Long Learning analytic here.

Analytics for learning conversations. Disputational talk (argument), cumulative talk (building positively), exploratory talk (joint consideration, challenges justified, thinking visible, all actively participate, opinions sought, decisions made jointly, reasoning visible in talk). Key words can be identified to measure exploratory convos.

Learning analytics paper here.

Dream - timely interventions, empowered reflective learners, living evidence-based
Nightmare - regressive pedagogy
Fairydust - not a magic bullet

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