Monday, December 05, 2011

Understanding the reasons academics use/don't use endorsed/unendorsed learning technologies

Why do staff adopt or not adopt learning technologies, whether they are adopted officially or not?

Key issues impacting uptake: workload and time, knowledge and skills, staff dev & training, tools and infrastructure, lack of recognition & reward, lack of scaffolding & leadership

More recent research says the same thing - nothing much appears to have changed!

Idea of endorsed/unendorsed: internal = LMS, etc, external = Web 2.0

Standard tools used, some staff were not aware of. Beyond online video most other technology not used in teaching.

Reasons for using using/not using. Value & workload factor highly - support and (lack of) skills! Innovation and improving learning outcomes, as well as convenience for staff & students.

Non-value laden labels (lol) - disgruntled pragmatists, warriors (worry about support but battle on), perfect citizens, average citizens.

Develop strategies to encourage: broader use of learning tech with recognition of local curricula and pedagogical approaches. Not everyone has to be an innovator.

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