Friday, March 15, 2013

Open education - or here I go again

Well here I go again. A number of people who read this blog are fellow students from E-learning and digital cultures, an excellent MOOC from Coursera. As an educator in an organization looking at making more of online learning and working for a government that wants to move to open government - why not do an online course on open education?

For h817open students, if you didn't do EDCMOOC, have a look over my past few posts to get a feel for my thinking (and as an ad for a MOOC well worth doing next time around).

I won't be doing every activity I don't think in my limited time with other MOOCs going on, writing projects and oh yes, my job. I will aim for the badges though (jealous of my son who is a cub scout lol).

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mick, good to have someone aboard from down under. Hope you enjoy the course.