Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Things to do in your day

I've been scratching around for motivation for a while, thinking about what it means to flourish, to be fruitful and useful. Here's a really brief shortlist (oooh a tautology)

  1. Learn at least one new thing today. It might not immediately add to bringing world peace, the conversion of all of your friends to your way of thinking or enlightenment, but you never know where pieces fit into the vast puzzle that is life. I find Ted useful in this area, reading of course and at the moment the History channel
  2. Be inspired. This is related to the above point. Find out about some project someone is working on, read a little of the lives of others of interest to you. See how someone else dreams and imagines. For the religious, this will mean reading whatever book is of value to you - e.g. Christians, do read the bible daily.
  3. Be creative. Make something, write something. It may be a nice PowerPoint slide, graphic, inforgraphic, Mind Map, Blog entry, a speech, a work of art or craft. Creativity unlocks more creativity. And share it.
  4. Be excellent to someone (thanks Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure). This is captured in so many ways like 'do unto others', etc. Be kind. Do or say something nice. Smile at someone. Work for peace not war or conflict. I believe in God's shalom - that's a grand vision to be lived out day to day.
Trite or profound? I don't know. Let's see.

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