Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fill to empty - hearts and minds

I had a thought the other day (actually I had several though few worth sharing). I read. I learn. I think. I pray. To what end do I accumulate knowledge, hopefully some wisdom, reflect on the love of God I see in Jesus?

If you fill a cup of coffee, you do so to empty it, i.e. to drink it. If you fill up a petrol (gas for my US friends) tank, it is so the tank will empty as you drive your car. Sometimes we fill to empty.

I read and think to write and speak. I learn so I can teach or help others to learn. Ideas generate more ideas so that problems may be solved, lives enriched. I teach because others have taught me.

I learn about love so that I may love. I don't back in what I see as the love of God in Jesus so as I can have a 'private religious experience' but live a public faith expressed in acts of love and service. I love because God first loved me.

Be filled, so that you might be empty.

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