Friday, July 07, 2006

A fair comment

On with Cline again - in a review about another book on atheism, he quotes:

"There are millions of unqualified Christians who have only the slightest familiarity with the Bible, yet their decision to believe is considered acceptable. Church pews are packed with biblically illiterate worshippers. If it is necessary to have a degree in theology before making an informed decision, then millions of Christians will have to be ushered out of church. "

The issue he raises then is, why should atheists read the bible to reject it? Furthermore

"Let’s be fair here: how many atheist books has the average Christian read?"

There's a double challenge! I'm finishing a BTh (which barely scratches the surface) and I read Sam Harris' The End of Faith. It's a start. I just hope some of it is more inspired than Cline's drivel or Harris' raving.

Will you take the double challenge?

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