Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Story of God

I recently read The Story of God by Robert Winston. Winston is a good writer in the sciences, writing about reproduction and why we are so obsessed with sex. However, his foray into religion is so so. It appears to me to be somewhat biased against Christianity, but that is for another time. Having been discussing issues on the Trinity on the Wrightsaid group (, the following quote from the book was of interest:

"For the eastern church, these paradoxes were meant to be left alone - a means of holding the mind in a state of wonder, serving as a reminder that no human intellect can ever truly grasp the reality of God. To try and reduce the Trinity to a set of logical propositions was as futile as trying to describe the smell of new-mown grass."

Is it beyond Reason? We can reason about the Trinity, but often it is hard to do little more than discuss what it is now rather than what it is. Perhaps ontological thinking is out of place where relationship is more important?

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