Sunday, October 01, 2006

Internet & community

I have read a couple of books that discuss the internet that were none too complementary about its ability to draw people together. It is just all about like interests they say, nothing to do with community. Internet users are merely consumers of data and individuals piping their nonsense out into the aether. Ballderdash!! I am part of a few worthwhile groups, and have had my fair share of good and bad experiences on Yahoogroups and Usenet groups since about 1991. People have provided advice, prayer and support, as well as more information that I can handle! Yes, it is easier to be an a-grade a'hole. Yet it gives you opportunity to dialogue and learn with people you'd not otherwise meet. However, when you can catch up with these people, it is wierd but wonderful. To the left is a friend from the Wrightsaid, a group dedicated to the study of New Testament scholar T0m Wright (see also the homepage). Yes, a daggy pose with some of his weightier tomes on Jesus' ministry and vision (Robbo with blue book) and the resurrection of Jesus (Me with green book). Good to meet you Robbo. And remember, the person at the other end of the electron stream is another human being. Treat them with respect.

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