Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Family Restaurant?

I recently watched the McLibel DVD, which isn't a recent documentary. Some years ago I read the book, and was appalled at the apparent power that a fast food chain possessed to impose its will on two individuals, to say nothing of the insidious way in which information was collected by moles within London Greenpeace. I didn't have sympathy for all of their causes, but in their appraoch to the "Family Restaurant" I was 100% behind them.

Interestingly, McDs is at it again with an advertising campaign ahead of a visit by Eric Schlosser. He wrote a book in 2001 entitled Fast Food Nation, which I have waiting for me at the local library. A movie is soon to be released. Flexing its high cholesterol muscles, we are told its all a pack of lies.

Without dealing with the issues of nutrition, etc, ask yourself this. How long are you prepared to wait for food? If time is so precious, what is consuming the rest of it? Is it time to slow down? Do we worship speed?

Chew slowly, swallow and relax!

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