Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bimbo culture

Women have brains. I know this. I've known some formidible ones in my time. Yet today, a couple of newspaper articles suggest that some of them are quick to throw them away.

I have to say I don't watch much women's sport. I just don't. Netball is ok on occasion (though I don't understand it, and as it is an American game and I am an Anglophile...). So, when I see that a bunch of women golfers are dropping their clothes for a calendar, it does a few things for me. It raises the blood pressure as genetic programming says it does - the couple of snaps in this newspaper article are pretty damn sexy. But it doesn't make me want to buy it (my wife would kill me) and it won't have me watching golf of any sort. It also kind of leaves me questioning, that apart from a celebration of the beauty of women (and I'm into that), doesn't it degrade what they are trying to do? Or at the very least, does it simply not achieve what they think it will?

The other article is on Erin McNaught (here) , Miss Universe Australia. She to prove to people that she's not "just a beauty queen" by appearing in a bikini in the men's mag FHM (which I'll bet I'll get to see at my barbers). She comments on beach etiquette and gives the thumbs down to men in so-called "budgie smuggler" swimming trunks, and perverts taking "sleazy" pictures of women with their mobile phones.

I'm with her on the later, and once more technology is a problem (I think it's called total depravity). On the former, one might argue good taste, but when she says "Budgie smugglers really only work for a very small percentage of the male population," adding that "most men on the beach should wear board shorts", who the hell is she to judge the asthetics of others? On what authority? And why do I care (since by little black book contains only one name - my wife's). Here, the model who is judged on her looks judges others on theirs, and fails to convince me that he mind is anything more than that of the beauty queen.

Heres to women, boobs and brains!

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