Friday, December 08, 2006

The Backdoor Man is back!

For those who do know her, Pauline Hanson is Australia's very own wedge politician (a bit like our Prime Minister really). A "popular" politician who majors in simplicity and racism was part of a party known as One Nation. Her platform has always been one where everyone should be treated exactly the same as everyone else, regardless of their disadvantage. This has meant in the past an attack on Aboriginals (indigenous Australians) as they receive "special treatment". Never mind the shorter lifespan than the rest of us, poorer health, economic disadvantage, etc. Nothing like treating a complex situation in a simplistic manner.

Hanson was rather amusingly lampooned by Simon Hunt, gay academic and sometime musician. Hanson is portrayed as a gay man (an impossibility that seems to have missed her) using a series of sound bytes making her sound as dumb as she might be. See the Wiki entry with the link to the song (which was taken off radio) here.

Hanson is back, as an independant to campaign on industrial relations, water and immigration. Immigration, the political tool of the small minded bigot. Apparently she said the Government was letting "black" South Africans infected with AIDS and tuberculosis into Australia and was pandering to Muslims. The immigration department denies the former charge. The latter is cashing in on the fear and hysteria that generates the race riots at Cronulla. Given the pro-Israel bias of the government and its attacks on the TV station SBS for being sympathetic to the Palestinians, this charge is also baseless. Hopefully she gets the vote she deserves. However, fear seems to work well in politics, just ask John Howard and the stink over his manipulating of the flour in the mail to the Indonesian embassy, Tampa, the Pacific Solution, etc.

Please explain!

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