Thursday, January 04, 2007

Tamworth trekking

G'day! I just returned from the country music capital of Australia, Tamworth. It was interesting driving up NSW, which is very dry as a result of the drought - due to El Nino, "possibly" related to global warming. There is some marvelous country, flood plains as dry as a bone. I saw two echidnas - one alive and one road kill. They are an amazing animal, only one of two monotremes. Speaking of which, I saw a lot of road kill. And not just road kill but mince meat as carcasses were run over many times. I often swerved to avoid doing so again. In The Philosopher's Dog, Australian philosopher Raimond Gaita discussed the need to show dignity to dead animals. I didn't stop to move bodies, but we are rather indifferent to them. It makes me think of the inadvertent evil that humans commit, for roadkill is a great waste.

I did enjoy driving through gum trees, smelling the eucalyptus oil. Australia is a wonderful continent! Thank God.

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