Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bullshit, bullshit everywhere

and not a drop to put on my garden!

It seems the moment for the spreading of cow manure! Firstly, there is the "news" about the discovery of the body of Jesus and his family (wife, kids, etc). See Ben Witherington's blog (here) for a nice take on this beat up from Hollywood director James Cameron (the whole idea is as full of holes as the sinking Titanic).

Secondly, a bunch of energy industry people and their right wing political cronies met in Canberra today - the so-called Lavoisier group. It is the usual sorts, mining execs and geologists. Yes, climate change is nothing new (as they rightly point out), but don't they think that climate change scientists are aware of this (see Bill Ruddiman's work to show how this interstadial - period after an ice age - is unlike the others with Co2 and methane going up). The argument is over for all but the ignorant or self interested. We are changing the climate. Shut up and stand aside for those who will act responsibly.

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