Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Games, simulations and virtual worlds

Mooses and research in education and gaming??!!! Kid & sister who survived a moose attack from having played World of Warcraft!!!!

Good stories (anecdotes) don't necessarily make good research

Education is not failing and games are not a remedy!

Virtual rewards - Pavlovian

This pushed as a paradigm for gaming education here

Are games always fun? 'a system of coercion freely entered into'

A lot of the time - all you learn from a game is how to play the game!

Dill & Dill (1998) murder reinforced in vid games Goldstein (2005) no one is actually killed!!! Failure to distinguish with playing a violent game and actual aggression!

If violent games teach aggression - why aren't the researches more violent??!! ;-)

Some of the chat in WoW is more violent than on screeen gore

Given all of this - why do people make similar assumptions about games and learning???!!!

Knowledge constructed from what you do!

Pedagogy as agreed structure - red rugs in SL.

Traditional learning design ignores the performed pedagogy

Moving beyond heresay in research

Focus on practice not technology - common lies we tell about technology

Understand where we want to intervene in

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Editor said...

Hi Mick.

Was reading your blog on Games, simulations and virtual worlds. Some interesting thoughts and questions. Also noticed that your spiel under The Natural Philosopher lists pedgagoy as one of the topics you diatribe about. I'm pretty sure you mean pedagogy. Otherwise I'm interested in pretty much the same areas. All the best.