Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Open learning requires open minds

Examining Gen Y or Gen Me. Digital savvys or just plain dumb??

Little evidence that technology has re-wired the brain.

Are kids too wired today? Exposure to media in mid-teens up to 12 hrs a day! Time with print media less than 40 mins per day. Malcom Gladwell - 10000 hrs to become expert at something or 3 hrs per day - so what are todays youth going to be expert at? Certainly not reading print media.

Lies about technology - replace teachers, making learning easier. NOT true that technology is enough.

It is the task that matters the most - this generation faced with the biggest problems - 21st c outcomes!

Keep pedagogy AHEAD of technology!

NOTE: using exclusively ebooks increases a uni's carbon footprint.

Great talk with lots of good references to follow!!

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