Monday, December 06, 2010

Strategic learner

Aspects of the strategic learner - surface learner without interaction. Studies for expediency, avoids sharing and adopts one approach to learning.

But, Web 2.0 means learner can network socially, i.e. be socially engaged.

Strategic learner sees knowledge as fixed, but we know it isn't (at least in part).

Web 2.0 means reconceptualising knowledge, students have to own their learning 'unschool' and move away from simply acquiring facts.

Need to change learning outcomes because these often stiffle the sorts of things you can do with Web 2.0, including the idea of summative assessment. [reflection: some content is essential so maybe Web 2.0 isn't a panecea since we still need to assess summatively]

Students feel they are so busy to help others, i.e. see collaboration online as not essential and search out the 'gospel' of lecturer contributions. This is the view of the expert as one source only, the teacher. Interesting that some lecturers are more student centred learning than students themselves.

Why do we use dialogue if we still assess in a summative sense? The reason being is that summative assessment is competitive (exam based approach) and this will often mean that dialogues (forums etc) will mean students will be less focussed on learning together and sharing and more on what tutor says - to help them pass the exam. Need to set up forums with a real focus in mind on collaborative learning and students as experts (in training?)

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