Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Virtual world papers

Gregory et al.

DE Hub - aim to have Aust/NZ wide membership. Aim to enhance student learning from virtual environment. Book/s to follow on from paper.

Nice slide show of use of SL but no strong feel for why/what benefits. just a slide show. Spread of unis and subject matter. Some discussion from floor of how it is being used.

Slide show will end up on YouTube.

3D immersive virtual worlds

Scoping study funded by DE hub.
Interactive virtual simulation.
Often multi-user
Similar UK study here

Responses to ethical dilemmas

Problem solving in virtual worlds - ill structured with multiple solutions, unexpected consequences.
Re-embodied and social interactions with non-verbal comms and complex social practices. Also dynamic - the world changes as you act.

People's actions in a virtual world influenced by virtual world (doors, flying, etc i.e the model physics), the character & their tools, character goals and player goals

Designing problems for virutal world
Virutal wold
Learning objective

Choreography - set up events and issues that are problematic within a narrative

Value of reflection after scenario as well as what occurs during the scenario!
Assessment of intentions and actions through feedback process

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