Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Leveling up: Learning Moodle through gameplay

  • Course will be available through Mooch
  • Teach Moodle using game based strategies.
  • Uses conditional activities
  • Key things from theory: 
  1. motivation to play (curiosity, professional req, wasting time), 
  2. choice (how much will players be able to choose), 
  3. mastery (what are the stages of achievement and how is failure handled), 
  4. feedback (how and when will player know how well they have done)
  • action mapping 
  1. measurable goal (in this case a score on a quiz on using Moodle); 
  2. define what people will be able to DO as a result of playing (in this case Moodle skills); 
  3. design activities that will help them practice, including feedback; 
  4. locate essential only information to help completing task (providing info last is how games work, a bit counter intuitive but true); 
  5. check against GBL principles
Postscript: Since attending this workshop I've found this interview that looks at 'gamification' here.

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