Monday, July 18, 2011

Moodle how tos session 1

How to break Moodle
  • Minimise backing up and restoring courses, use of groups to streamline
  • Be kind to your server - e.g. local copies of vidoes etc. Have a dedicated server for this material. 
  • Watch hard coded links
  • Limit access to templates 
  • Document things - to learn from mistakes, share with community
  • Limit use to custom hacks to 3rd party mods in Moodle - always comment changes, back up changes properly
  • Planning server configuration - never code on a live Moodle (always use a dev server!), keep all machines with same version
  • No everything works everywhere - bandwidth, requirements (e.g. Flash, admin rights, etc)
Moodle 2.0 files - an inconvenient truth
  • a change in the way files are uploaded from 1.9 => there are no course files anymore
  • old way - files first then do something with them later; but they were not secure, e.g. students could guess files, deleted files => broken links
  • file now owned by a resources or activity - files uploaded to them, can copy to other activities or resources
  • costs?? can't choose when to use files, can't link to same file from multiple places
  • underlying philosophy is that Moodle is not a file repository but this is how people have used it
  • can shift back to legacy course files - but Moodle HQ doesn't want it and won't be supported for too long??? and it has all of the problems as before. Is there a need for content management repositories?
Blog entries on this: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Using audio and video well in Moodle course
  • it's about content - can explain and demonstrate concepts with video by manipulating time, e.g. time lapse, editing, repetition, POV cameras
  • dynamic, constantly moving - evolutionary instinct
  • scaffolding - foundational skills, repetition as skills are always the same
  • recording lectures - home access, capture evidence of workplace assessment (video of essay marking for example)
  • can embed audio directly - player pops up - but only certain sample rates works, constant bit rate
  • Audacity to edit audio
  • MP4, MOV, FLV player comes up automatically
  • File conversions - SUPER, Format Factory, G-spot

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