Monday, July 18, 2011

Moodle how tos session 2

How to create an outcome overview to track student outcomes
An eBook on Moodle and Moodle in an eBook
  • driven by question - why spend so much on paper, and improve presentation
  • expectation creep - LMS at schools so Unis MUST have them
  • they dumped Mahara as not useful= interesting!!!!
  • replicates course notes, extra layer for navigation, answers to activities, audio & video
  • use of ebook works for teaching English as the content doesn't need to change very often - so need to think carefully about what doesn't need changing
Two birds with one database
  • Law education - identity transition between student and professional, a role play simulation
  • characters played with staff - all interaction is in character
  • how to avoid sim-breaking but provide guidance?
  • Moodle site as separate from simulated office - formative assessment
  • chose database tool - avoid scroll of death, searchable, foster good skills
  • need for consistency of entries - structured add entry page, with instructions at each step
  • use of keywords is vital! think about every possible search term - note these are case sensitive so have to have each tag in twice
  • Moodle 1.9 doesn't copy across pop up content like pdfs, images, etc!!

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