Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Moodle Moot 2011 Keynote Jan Herrington

Has written A guide to authentic elearning
Her Academia.edu entry

Website worth looking at: A journey into constructivism from Martin Dougiamis 

What is authentic learning?
  • authentic context - for learning student will do, relate to way they will learn in real life, conserve complexity of real-life setting
  •  authentic tasks - clear goals and real world relevance, requires production NOT reproduction of knowledge, complex and ill-defined, completed over a longer period
  • expert performance - access to the way an expert would think and act, access to learners in various learners of expertise, opportunities for the sharing of narratives and stories, expertise is distributed (over stating the case of the value of the wisdom of the crowds here??)
  • multiple perspectives - not just a single text
  • collaboration - teams or pairs, collaboration encouraged through technology, tasks addressed to groups not individuals
  • articulation - public presentation of argument, online classes
  • reflection - discuss choice, reflection in (make decisions) and on action (after the task), often a 2 way process
  • scaffolding and coaching - from teacher and other learners, no attempt to transmit knowledge, support rather than didactic, use of Twitter
  • authentic assessment - integrated with task rather that separate, e.g. portfolios
What is an authentic task?
  • Contextualised problems - not abstract
  • Problem-based learning.
  • Tasks put learner in an authentic role - example of WWI history, students AS historians.

Technology as tool - 'we teach carpentry not hammer' - Oppenheimer 1997
Technology as cognitive tools

The LMS in an authentic learning environment
  • not about content (or just about content)
  • not about weekly readings and exercises
  • not about being a document repository
  • create a space where students can create and share published products
  • access anytime/anywhere
  • about recognising at-risk learners
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Dear Jan,

Fantastic presentation this morning! I can't open the link to your material? (http://www.web.me.com/janherrington/moodlemoot/)

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