Monday, July 18, 2011

Moodle how tos session 3

Getting social with Moodle
  • internet (10.4mil), 4,2m mobile wireless, 8.2m mobile handset, 81% have 1.5 Mbps+, 7h+month social media - highest time spent in the world?
  • Aust visitors 12 mil unique visits to FB July 2011, 10 YouTube, ....
  • Why get social? Popular, engaging, empowering (generating content), constructive
  • Tools - blog, comment, chat, Forum, Wiki, tags, repos, messaging
  • News Forums - general news and announcements, good to have a block on the side with latest posts
  • useful if forum messages are sent to mailboxes - but digest is very useful for avoiding mailbox bombing
  • Chat - synchronous & archived
  • useful blocks - online users
Getting lost in the Book module
  • Why use the book module??
  • avoiding the scroll of death
  • book - impressive content with built-in navigation
  • editing book module adds a layer of complexity, teachers who get help from a third party
  • the scroll of death is typically thought not to be good from a teacher pov
  • uses: course information, study guides, any static content (unless teacher has html skills)
Integrate with iTunes U
  • require an iTunes U site already - method of distributing digital content, customer site with public and internal access, 800 unis around the world with sites - a lot of free content e.g. MIT, Yale, etc
  • internal access for IP don't want made available publicly 
  • free of charge for ed institutions
  • more limited usage by K-12
  • beyond campus - museums, etc...
  • multiple formats can be provided
  • iTunes U block
  • content doesn't have to sit on iTunes site - use RSS feeds to tell iTunes U where material sits

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