Friday, November 25, 2011

ConVerge11 Day 2: Strategic Blended Learning Plans. Ian Goding & Carmel Hyland


1. Vision statement
2. Environmental analysis - what technology do you have, physical space, etc, etc
3. SWOT analysis - strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats
4. Strategic overview
5. Vision projects - next 3 years
6. Goals for this year
7. Professional development

Presenters handed out a worksheet that follows above process. The actual process looks very useful but because we were put into groups we ended talking generalities about what we do rather than having the time to look specifically for ourselves at our individual organisations - i.e. we were supposed to imagine we were part of one teaching centre, and as an approach I didn't find it worked for me.

The 2 and a half minutes was also limiting (but necessary) for the workshop. Having said all that it was refreshing do to a workshop in a workshop. It was also interesting to see the challenges that other institutions face with very different target markets.

After the 'workshopping', Carmel gave an example where the process was applied. Stressed importance of environmental analysis (you need to know what you are working with!)

PADDIE model - plan (environmental analysis), Analyse (gap analysis), Design (storyboard), Develop (up online), Implement (roll out), Evaluate (feedback)

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