Thursday, November 24, 2011

Left and Right, Up and Down: Connecting Groups and Networks. Nancy White

Do-ology. We learn by doing not just reading, etc.

What is happening to depth - real reflection on what we are looking at. E.g. Occupy movement; moving from talk to do. The value of being in close proximity.

Think intentionally about the quality of our connections. Slow community! Need to slow down. Occupy connectivity! This is a process not a protest!

Example. Drew a picture (out of comfort zone), explained it to someone else, conversation going. Then involved a third person. Sharing of ideas. Simple but effective.

Technology, Roles, Principles & Practices - these three things need to overlap.

Tech + Social: tech has fundamentally changed how we can be together. E.g. tweeting and people outside a conference feeling like they are missing out.
Eric Whitacre's virtual choir (on YouTube) here

Deep conversations - how to encourage these? Naturally occur face to face. For example others watch when on Twitter! Don't perform! Tension between control vs connection, private vs public. Culture trumps strategy all of the time. Choose the right tool; openness doesn't necessarily mean no privacy.

Occupy as an API for change. Occupying space for learning. Need to get beyond silos.

Connecting roles. Discover & appropriate useful tech be in and use communities and networks (people) express their identity (not roles or performance).

Etienne Wenger - social artists as agents of change.

Network weavers - drawing people together, changing interactions and don't let institutions stop this!

Asking right questions! - networking, digital stories, communities. Online radio. Occupying online space. Humanly amplify learning.

Have to move from risk aversion with safe-fail experiments. A language to talk about innovation.

Values and being transparent about why we do things and invite to follow us.

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