Thursday, November 24, 2011

Denise Mason: The future of workplace learning: ConVerge11

Top 8 trends?
A quick jot down of some things that were brought out - this needs tidying up and thinking about

90 mins longest we can sit? 20 mins for good chunk of learning material. 8 mins really focussed (thanks TV!) Say things 6 times (from coke ads)

People don't (often) remember what happened in the training room?

RAS Reticular activating system - needs stimulating to keep us concentrating. Avoiding the autopilot! Make the learning stick!


Webvolution (ewww neologism I don't like).  Connect to, Connect through, ....

Information as new currency
Learning more fluid

3.Blended learning

Virtual trending. Beyond just some f2f and elearning.

4. role of trainer & designer
Handing over to trainers/facilitators - helping others understand themselves
Information is not communication - ahha moments. NOT inert learners. Unlearning things - e.g. reciting days of week alphabetically!

Dinosaur design and development!

5. ABCD - activities based curriculum design

6. Link workplace learning to workplace culture

Most learning on the job - importance of coaching. Importance of workplace culture

7. doing more with less

Better Cheaper Faster

8. How high can you reach? continuous growth and development

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