Thursday, November 24, 2011

Jane Bozarth - Classrooms without Walls: Social Media for Teachers

To use technology in teaching need to be someone who already generates content, discussions, blogs, etc. Otherwise get someone else

Web 2.0 more participatory than 1.0 as we can generate own content. Need to generate content that encourages further creation by others - it is invitational

Teacher needs: Easy to maintain - adjustable over time and collaborative

Learner wants: interesting, engaging, adjustable, solo or group, solution to MY problem, expertise

Use technology to replace ONE thing already doing

Blog - idiot proof webpage (lol) but minimal comments. Not very sophisticated.

See blog 23 things - more like a webpage than an interactive page.
Reflective blog - where they need improve, etc... Example of an English language teaching blog
Don't have to be text heavy - 6 yo blogging his pictures (can't write yet)

Don't get tool happy - blogs have their place

Google docs - very quick doc sharing.

Wikis. Teamsport/collaborative. Example: Selling your library in the US

Facebook. Example of drama teacher using for her course. Where students are! Can create a page - doesn't require students to be your friend

Twitter. Google Twitter chats!

Youtube - private channels, posting vids and asking for comments

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