Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Face to face teaching to online teaching: Pedagogical transitions

A case of fully f2f to fully online. Tradition is all f2f, web facilitated is dump n pump, blended/hybrid blends the two.

f2f and online - can't do exactly the same thing. Doesn't work simply to move what we do f2f to online. Range of views on online teaching roles - which are the most suitable???

Stages in teachers' thinking in moving to blended/online
Stage 1 - Barriers - why go online? Too hard to relationship build, issues with academic outcomes.
Stage 2 - academics with some experience and begin to feel more confident, less content provided and looking for more ways to promote online discussion. Less is more.
Stage 3 - less critical and more open minded. Online a space rather than a repository. High expectations of online discussions. Direct instruction to promote higher order thinking.

Embarrassment about what they used to do - evolution of lecturer approach. One online course before views changed - ahead of student adaptation. Experimental and curious about possibilities. Shift from teaching to learning space - thinking about what the students deal with than just the teacher.

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