Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Teaching teachers for the future: TPACK

USyd Fac of Ed & Social work curriculum redesign using TPACK

Most common use of ICT tools - PPT & basic internet searches. TPACK to move teachers beyond technocentric approach. Pedagogy - connection between ICT and curriculum subject areas. Tech content knowledge - exposure to exemplars. Tech pedagogical knowledge - work collaboratively exploring affordances of ICT tools to address teaching/learning needs.

TPACK and Web 2.0 wiki here. Another Ascilite presentation here.

Student project - webpage along TPACK to use in student placement. Reflection on significant 'change moments' in ICT.  Found students need genetic skills (wikis, blogs, etc) move beyond Word, PPT etc, need TPACK to use ICT properly, need support!!!!

TPACK in pieces. Viewing teacher's knowledge.

Beyond TPACK - needs extensions (Shulman's extensions) - need knowledge of curricula, outcomes, institutions, learner characteristics

Knowledge, knowing or being? Transformative view PCK is transformation of subject matter PCK into a unique form. Integrative view PCK does not exist. Teacher PCK construct this on demand. I.e. more knowing than knowledge. Experimental view: PTACK is a dynamic configuration of physical and mental resources. Diverse ontological roots.

Has implications for curriculum design.

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