Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Facebook in higher education

Nice study that looks at the difference between social and academic engagement. Study by psych lecturers who looked at ABC (affective, behaviour, cognitive) aspects. Found:
  • Facebook is what people look to when they are bored, and those who are characterized as conscientious generally avoid FB
  • Use of FB tends to be social and not academic, FB is actually a distractor to study
  • Further, students see approaching an academic on FB like asking them a question at the pub!
  • Best use appears to be a help desk like facility with an avatar or anonymous helper
  • Worst use is 'Stalker' pages
  • LMS actually applies necessary constraints unlike FB which is not a good teaching space, things like Stalker spaces
  • LMS interface needs to be more friendly like social media interfaces (FB)
  • Collaboration occurs in informal spaces (comments from the floor)

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