Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hotdesking - object oriented people

I was in a conversation yesterday (largely as an observer) about office space, etc. One topic that was raised was the issue of hot desking, the idea that you can turn up to work and not expect the same space twice in a row. A work space designed for so-called efficiency, devoid of the clutter that makes up you, devoid of the comfort of a familiar space, familiar colleagues, etc.

I must say that as an introvert that filled me with horror - how could I turn up to work and work next to someone who perhaps I'd rather not, have to go pull out of a locker a few things I find familiar and comfortable? How would students find me?

So perhaps it won't work in my role - but is it any good at all? Who does it work for? Might be ok if you are not in at work a lot. But it makes me wonder. Some of the rationale I've read online is about efficiency, saving space, saving money, etc. None of it seems to take into account humans as social beings with desires, wants and needs. It seems to me when it is all about efficiency, employees are treated as plug and play objects, peripherals in the vast cloud. A return to the assembly line. And this is progress!

Here's a relatively but still pro approach.

Here's a critique based on the research literature, not the pundits.

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