Friday, May 22, 2015

Nope - a lament of the state of Australian politics

Nope to all compassion and nope to having heart.
Nope to international law and nope to showing class.
Nope to showing leadership and nope to having vision.
Nope to planning for the future, nope to a clear mission.

Nope to fighting climate change and nope on funding science.
Nope to all but mining freebies so nope to the environment.
Nope to solar cause coal reigns, nope to those wind turbines.
Nope to saving the GBR and nope to stopping coal mines.

Nope to care for poor and needy, nope to taxing emissions.
Nope to reviewing iron ore cause nope to independence.
Nope to land rights, nope to lifestyles, nope to non-white history.
Nope to to those whose kids we stole, nope to saying sorry.

Nope to politics and free speech, nope to human rights.
Nope to those seeking asylum, nope to freedom fights.
Nope to Sri Lankans and West Papuans, nope to those who flee.
Nope to anything at all, nope to honesty.

Nope, nope, nope unless you share in our demented plan,
to make this world a world of nope, except for rich white man.

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