Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sorry - a National Sorry Day poem

Sorry to the dispossessed and sorry to those who have been left behind the progress that loss has paid for.

Sorry to those who’ve heard the lies of promises made, but in disguise an agenda deeply hidden, a lack of understanding, by those with eyes that cannot see.

Sorry for those prison deaths, for this whole rotten bloody mess where cells make easier solutions than teachers, classrooms and inclusion of native tongue to speak, to listen and to learn.

Sorry for a land that’s stolen, for rent not paid, for home invasion, for mother earth her guts ripped open and laid bare in service of the white man’s dollar.

Sorry for the racist rants, for insults, patronising comments of cultures misunderstood, ignored, of stories covered up and stored in the recesses of histories untold.

Sorry that it’s been said before, words, words, words and more but where is the listening to those who might have the answers, to those who don’t just want solutions, to those who want the right to decide.

Sorry that in the midst of this I play a part to keep us moving backward while my voice is silent, stuck while my mind is ignorant.

So sorry just won’t be enough unless it comes with promises where rubber hits the long hard road, where hands are joined and shoulders put against the wheel.

You can’t know where to go unless you know where we’ve all been. Let sorry be our starting point, our journey together to a better destination.

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