Thursday, May 24, 2007

The dog that will not lie down

Today's AGE newspaper here and here raises the ugly spectre of the climate change sceptic in an age when the debate should be over, and we move on to see how we can make the most of the opportunities to change the economy, develop new technologies, etc. Instead, a former financial, journalist Martin Durkin financed an apparent (not having screened here yet) pack of lies to discredit climate change science. The show, THE Great Global Warming Swindle screened in the UK in March.

Now we learn that there has been pressure on the ABC to screen it here! There are not two sides of a debate here, it is the business and odd geologist lunatic fringe and the vast majority of climate scientists. Enough - shut up and let's get on with it. Ah, but no. A government that has been largely intransigent on the issue won't let the issue die altogether. Ah Nero, Rome burns.

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