Saturday, May 12, 2007

More hairy chested atheism

Ok, I didn't get to finish The God Delusion. A two week loan on an unpleasant book, what can you do? I guess I'll have to read it one day....

But, I have a review copy of Against Religion by philosopher Tamas Pataki. Here's a sample:

‘Religion springs from fear, conceit and cruelty; it is responsible for a terrible record of moral obstruction and slaughter; it is a delusional way of confronting weakness and helplessness; it bends thought to its purposes, distorts reality, undermines reason, inhibits curiosity and imagination, obstructs self-knowledge, nourishes hubris secretly, conserves oppressive political dispensations, and forges pernicious group identities; given the opportunity, it persecutes difference and threatens the rule of law.’

Yes, and atheistic ideologies (market capitalism, communism, sportism, nationalism, etc) don't do these things. No, of course not. Can't wait. At least I don't have to give it back.

For Australian readers, the Dec issue of Zadok Perspectives should carry the review. The book is due out in June.


Phillip said...


There have to be better arguments of the atheists. What I'm hearing lately is so thin..

Anonymous said...

it's becoming a bit of a fad this...

I wrote a review of The God Delusion that got published at

Overall, you didn't miss out on much.

if people want some good atheism above trite sound bits (albeit genealogically flawed), maybe we should point them to Freud, Nietsche or Feuerbach. At least they were a touch more original and funny.