Thursday, November 24, 2011

Innovation: What happened and where are we going? ConVerge11

Firewall dramas! Need to balance security with the innovative tools.

Promethian parallel with Apple?

gotafe - E-delivery skills matrix. Content management - version control. Best tool for the job (e.g. used WebCT for what it was best at - assessment but content etc elsewhere.)

Wiinovation! Using Nintendo for learning making most of motion detection. This looks like a lot of work to get going but innovative approach.

Use of Open Sim in tradie education. Second Life looks good for immersive teaching if there is a task you can realistically do inside it.

See Victorian Elearning Innovations Online Expo

LMS - not good social tools, community is more than collaboration.

Engage learners in different ways - right brain, stories. Storycentric learning. Stories transform listeners, are right brained. Include students within the story.

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